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Stana Katic at Hope St. Park BTS (x)

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Castle BTS: Hope St. Park ~ 6x01 (July 10, 2013) / 6x22 (March 26, 2014) (x)

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@Bea_LP: And this is for yesterday. Castle filming 6x22 in Grand Hope Park. (x)

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Stana Katic, Castle set, 6x22 bts (x)

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Two feet standing on a principle
Two hands longing for each others warmth
Cold smoke seeping out of colder throats
Darkness falling, leaves  n o w h e r e  to go

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Carry on; you will always remember
Carry on; nothing equals the splendor
Now your life’s no longer empty
Surely Heaven waits for you

- “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas.

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Stana Katic’s appearance in GMA (28/03/14) (x)

The fandom in a nutshell

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Beckett distracted by Castle’s red shirt.

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Stana (y) Katic

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Castle Main Characters (Season 1 - 6)

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that they just pointed out how lovely Stana’s boobs are ON THE ACTUAL SHOW? I mean, like this is probably the moment where every single viewer was in agreement.

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